.......deep warbling beats & shimmery chords surround the ass shaking bassline in his uplifting productions,with a touch of disco,tinged vocal licks and melodic hooks.......

and you have a classy cut.

"Measuring Tape"

Piston Recordings  20th August 2018

The Original Mix offers up a wonderfully rich and dynamic slice of deep house for our dancing pleasure. Warm chords and soft, mesmerizing vocals greet us on the intro alongside dubby percussions that lie in wait. The track bursts open with a hybrid big beat style breaks arrangement in a deep house groovy style. The beats settle us into the groove smoothly while various instruments dish out their respective riffs to deliver a funky element. A very nice slice indeed that is not to be missed.

The Holyflow Mix delivers a straight up 4 to the floor signature beat which brings the track to a more conventional audience. We still get treated to the same richness and dynamics of the original mix but with that satisfying straight beat to get us moving. The funky elements remain as evident in the groovy bassline and multi instruments on show. Top notch stuff that is ready to tear up the floors no doubt.

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"Rare Hot Ep"

Piston  Recordings,  25th February 2019

Rare Hot is a delicious slice of deep and groovy house music with cheeky topping of funk. We're eased into the track with cool percussions before a thumping kick drum takes full control. A funky plucked bass sequence fades in, filtering in and out before settling into a strong, driving groove which becomes instantly infectious. Warm chords add depth while cool vocals add character making this an absolute must have for the livelier house joints. You Are A Lie intros with a cool percussion pattern which leads us to a punchy kick drum that gets the feet tapping. Crispy hi hats deliver intricate patterns that create a cool rhythm which is enhanced by a superb funky bass guitar which ramps up the groove and the energy. The FX on the bass takes things into the cosmic realm where the vocals and spacey synths reside. Subtle melodies play out as short stabby notes alongside more rounded chords. The bassline is mesmerizing and will definitely get the booty's shakin' on the floors.

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All Freaks

The next massive anthem to surface on the beloved record label is the fantastic compilation ALL FREAKS by Tali Freaks. House Chilly vibes, chunky break beats and cinematic strings that invite you for a journey to exotic places like Ibiza, Mykonos, Bali, Miami an many others. Of course the very strong points of the compilation are Gerald Casale's DEVO voice legend and Roberta Green's deeply expressive voice that is really sweet and erotic as she performs the timeless lyrics in the finest possible way.Some new and some old make the list but there's one thing for sure...the music is all good!

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Show Me Your Soul feat. S.U.Z.Y.

Tali Freaks teams up with the amazing musician Al Martino and the lovely voice of S.U.Z.Y with the brilliant Show Me Your Soul. These guys in their last appearance together dished out the wonderful Hang Out in Space with some amazing instruments and it's no wonder we get excited when this collaboration produces this kind of result. These guys puts all their efforts into making music that speaks to the listener in a way that gets ingrained on the memory, great melodies and a fantastic cool vibe not to be missed.

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Over Talking

German born Gerardo Cinquegrana aka Tali Freaks now resides in Italy where he produces most of his music. Gerardo studied piano for 4 years and rose to prominence on the club scene in Capri, having enjoyed a number of releases on label such as Sintope, Bonzai, Be As One, Wasabi & of Course Baroque under various guises ( Tali Freaks, Aspecto, She's Super, Capri Delight, Gerardo, Highland Skies, J Hard and Tirrenia Vibe ). This second LP ( aftre his first album rleased on Bonzai ) reflects perfectly the blend of Gerardo's habitual origins, taking elements from the German electronic scene and fusing them with uplifting melodic vibes reflecting his home in Capri, Italy. If ever there was a more perfect album to carry the hazy beach vibes into early evening Balearic beats, we are yet to hear it...

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If ever there was a more perfect album to carry the hazy beach vibes into early evening Balearic beats, we are yet to hear it..

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